Treemovers, LLC - tree transplanting
Serving the MD VA WV PA area since 1999

Job Portfolio

Adding mature trees to define property lines and add privacy to beautiful homes and back yard settings - 2015

Purcellville VA Town Hall - Live community Christmas tree - Norway Spruce 2014

Crepe Myrtle salvaged from existing landscape and transplanted around new custom swimming pool - Great Falls VA - 2015

Zelkova was planted in the center if a new paver patio and contained inside of a sitting wall - Cearfoss MD 2014

New owners wanted open yard for sports, not random shade throughout the property. Treemovers transplanted shade & evergreen trees to property lines, grouped and included landscape beds. (See what Sue and Charlie have to say about us in Testimonials) - Hamilton, VA 2014

Used large Norway Spruce to distract views of large power transmission poles - Centreville, VA 2014

Transplanted a European Hornbeam that was planted too close to the house. Relocated on-site in the landscape. Tight squeeze! - Middletown MD 2012

Flowering cherry trees added to line the driveway - Purcellville VA 2015

Palm trees dug, balled, burlapped and loaded for transport to an arboretum in Richmond VA - 2014

A large grouping of Norway Spruce and Sugar maple to screen neighbor's sheds - 2010

Shade trees planted in Tot Lot playgrounds. Zelkova and Red Maple - Cheverly MD 2014

Blue Spruce grouping to add privacy between neighbors - Leesburg, VA 2015

Schip Laurel hedge and Pyramid Arborvitae hedge planting to screen from busy highway - Upperville, VA 2015

Forsythia hedge planting on a berm behind a pond - Delaplane, VA 2015