Treemovers, LLC - tree transplanting
Serving the MD VA WV PA area since 1999

Job Portfolio

Adding mature trees to define property lines and add privacy to beautiful homes and back yard settings

Purcellville VA Town Hall - Live community Christmas tree - Norway Spruce

Crepe Myrtle salvaged from existing landscape and transplanted around new custom swimming pool - Great Falls VA

Zelkova was planted in the center if a new paver patio and contained inside of a sitting wall - Cearfoss MD

New owners wanted open yard for sports, not random shade throughout the property. Treemovers transplanted shade & evergreen trees to property lines, grouped and included landscape beds. (See what Sue and Charlie have to say about us in Testimonials) - Hamilton, VA

Used large Norway Spruce to distract views of large power transmission poles - Centreville, VA

Transplanted a European Hornbeam that was planted too close to the house. Relocated on-site in the landscape. Tight squeeze! - Middletown MD

Flowering cherry trees added to line the driveway - Purcellville VA

Palm trees dug, balled, burlapped and loaded for transport to an arboretum in Richmond VA

A large grouping of Norway Spruce and Sugar maple to screen neighbor's sheds

Shade trees planted in Tot Lot playgrounds. Zelkova and Red Maple - Cheverly MD

Blue Spruce grouping to add privacy between neighbors - Leesburg, VA

Schip Laurel hedge and Pyramid Arborvitae hedge planting to screen from busy highway - Upperville, VA

Forsythia hedge planting on a berm behind a pond - Delaplane, VA